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Hello! My name is Jack Cook, and I am a professional photographer based in South Florida, who specializes in capturing aerial, architectural & interior spaces. 

With a degree in film & television production from NYU, I bring a ‘cinematic’ perspective to tell the unique story of your space through images. My photographic style demands quality over quantity.  For large spaces, it's not uncommon for me to spend up to a half hour fine-tuning staging, followed by shooting multiple exposures and lighting setups - and that's just for one angle.

It's my dedication to create memorable images that drives me, a pursuit that began when I starting shooting for my school newspaper. The thrill I experienced when my first photo was published has never been forgotten. I look forward to sharing that same passion with you.

In my free time, I enjoy playing golf, watching movies and traveling.  I'm originally from Washington DC, which means: 1) I am a tortured Redskins fan; 2) I am allergic to traffic and 3) I love eating crabs (yeah I know, it's a Maryland thing :-)).  And my dream photography project? That would be to visit and shoot Le Mont Saint-Michel in France.



Not a jack... of all trades.
No batch processing... ever.
I value your time.

Other photographers like to dabble in several types of photography. Not me.  For the past 5 years, I've exclusively shot architectural and interiors imagery. So when you hire Jack Cook Photography, you’re getting someone who is dedicated to delivering the exact type of images you need.

No two images are alike, so I re-touch each image individually.   Colors and textures are calibrated for accuracy.  Bland skies are replaced with dramatic sunsets.  Unsightly elements such as  light switches, vents, cracks in pavement... are removed with absolute precision.  Check out before & after examples.

Punctuality is an obsession. Images will be delivered on the day promised, usually within 72 hours of completing a shoot.  I also pride myself in maintaining a 'can-do' attitude. Combine that with my easy-going demeanor and sly sense of humor, and you have someone you'll want to work with again and again.




Partial list of current and past clients:

Netlease Advisory Group

Jennifer Dennis Interiors

Pristine Acres

Towercom Enterprises

memberships & certifications

Member of The Association of Independent Architectural Photographers
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